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City of Yuma Road Report, Aug. 19

A weekly list of City projects or encroachment permits authorized by the City of Yuma affecting busy streets.

16th Street and 4th Avenue


Construction for the 16th Street and 4th Avenue intersection improvements project is under way. The current phase of work reduces 16th Street to one lane of through traffic in each direction, with the left turn lanes still open to access 4th Avenue. Northbound and southbound lanes on 4th Avenue are restricted to one lane on their respective approaches to the intersection. Right turn restrictions remain in place for large trucks and semitrailers.


The City asks all motorists to plan ahead and to obey the reduced speed limit. While business access will be maintained at all times, those seeking through traffic routes may wish to avoid the construction zone, using roads such as 24th Street, 8th Street or 32nd Street for east-west through traffic, and Arizona Avenue, Avenue A, Pacific Avenue or Avenue B for north-south through traffic.


ADDITIONAL NOTICE: The City would like to remind the public that lower than normal water pressures may be experienced as parts of the City's old water system are being prepared for replacement by a new system, between now and then end up September. Lower than normal water pressure may be experienced during peak morning hours of 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., and in the afternoon between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. The areas most likely to be impacted are those from the East Main Canal to just west of 4th Avenue, from 12th Street to 24th Street.


24th St., Avenue B - Avenue C

The street reconstruction of 24th Street from Avenue B to Avenue C is under way. The first phase of the 120-day project will require a closure at 24th Street, from Avenue B to the driveway of the daycare business to the west. Access to the daycare center should be from eastbound 24th Street, either from Avenue C or 31st Drive. Detour routes include 28th Street, 20th Street, and 32nd Street. Work will then move west along 24th Street to Avenue C.


County 19th St., Ave. A - 4th Ave.

A 30-day project to install a new high-pressure gas main line has been amended and will now include a traffic control plan to close of a portion of County 19th Street to through traffic, between Avenue A and 4th Avenue. The project is set to be completed by the end of August. Detour signs will be posted every half of a mile within the area of the road closure to notify drivers of alternate routes. Drivers are asked to obey all traffic control signs and speed limits in place, and to detour using nearby roadways such as Avenue 3E, Avenue 1E, Avenue B, and/or County 16th-18th streets. 


Castle Dome Ave., near Yuma Palms 

A 60-day project will require shoulder work on Castle Dome Avenue and it adjacent sidewalk. Signs will be posted in the area to let drivers know of the roadwork as they approach. Work is slated to begin in the first week of September and will be completed by the first week of November.


40th St., Avenue 4E

The intersection of 40th Street and Avenue 4E is closed to all traffic. Crews are working on a gas pipeline in the area and staging a temporary gas supply to support hydrostatic testing of an irrigation line. Traffic is asked to detour using 32nd Street and either Avenue 3E or Avenue 5E. The project is expected to be completed by mid-August. 


4th Ave., 20th Pl. to 21st St.

A project to install a new driveway off of 4th Avenue, to be located between 20th Place and 21st Street, will require a sidewalk closure and the partial closure of the right southbound lane of 4th Avenue. The speed limit will be reduced to 25 mph in the work zone and signs will be posted to alert drivers of the traffic changes near the area. Work is to be completed in mid-November.


U.S. 95 at Fortuna Wash - ADOT

Work is under way on the $9.3 million bridge on U.S. Highway 95 spanning Fortuna Wash northeast of Yuma and is expected to be completed by next winter. The bridge is going in at milepost 34, approximately 12 miles northeast of Yuma and 10 miles south of the turnoff (Imperial Dam Road) to Yuma Proving Ground. Crews are scheduled to work weekdays between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. Motorists should allow extra travel time as lane restrictions will be in place and flaggers will occasionally need to alternate traffic through the work zone.


West Main Canal, Avenue B - 1st Street

Update: The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is administering a project to construct a paved pathway, lighting and rest stops along the West Main Canal. The project will require the closure of the canal banks until this fall. Crews will be working along the north bank of the canal between 1st and 3rd streets, from Avenue A to Avenue B. Work will be done from 5 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on weekdays. This project is to be completed near the end of 2016. 


Maiden Lane, 1st-2nd streets

A 60-day project along Maiden Lane will require the roadway to be closed to traffic from 1st Street to Second Street, between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Pecan Grove, 3rd Street

The Pecan Grove neighborhood waterline replacement project takes place south of 3rd Street on various side streets between 24th Avenue and Avenue B. Project is expected to continue into early autumn.


4th Avenue pedestrian pathway

Construction is underway for the 4th Avenue extension pedestrian pathway, from 32nd Street to 37th Street. Shoulder work in the area will not significantly affect traffic. The 45-day project will not require lane shifts or lane closures. Crews will be working in that area Monday through Thursday, and are slated to be finished with the work by mid to late August.