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City of Yuma Election Results - final, unofficial

The City of Yuma held its primary election Tuesday, Aug. 29, where voters had their first opportunity of this cycle to elect or nominate candidates for the offices of Mayor, three at-large seats on the City Council and Presiding Municipal Court Judge.

These are the final, unofficial results. Votes will become official once canvassed by the Yuma City Council. The current count reflects 6,850 ballots cast, including:

  • Early ballots (including “late early” ballots) that have been processed and counted.
  • Poll results from all of the 3 voting centers.
  • Provisional ballots.
  • Write-in ballots.


Mayor  Votes Cast  Percentage of Ballots Cast

Nicholls, Douglas 5,725   84%


City Council  Votes Cast Percentage of Ballots Cast

  • Counts, Gregory  2,506  37%
  • Knight, Gary  3,121  46%
  • McClendon, Leslie 2,725  40%
  • Ostrowski, Shelley 1,727  25%
  • Rojas-McNair, Kristina 2,055  30%
  • Rosevear, Ken 2,737  40%
  • Watts, Karen 2,729  40%
  • McIntire, Valerie (write-in)  31  0%


Presiding Municipal Court Judge Votes Cast  Percentage of Ballots Cast

Coil, James 5,675  83%


Percentages reflect a percentage of the total number of ballots cast, rather than a percentage of the total number of votes cast, because Yuma City Council seats are considered at-large, and each ballot may contain up to three votes for members of the City Council.

Per Yuma City Charter, Article IV, Section 5, any candidate receiving votes constituting a majority of all ballots cast in the primary is elected to office. Mayor Nicholls and Presiding Judge Coil are re-elected to their seats.

Among the candidates for City Council, Knight, Rosevear, Watts, McClendon, Counts and McNair will move to the general election in November.

Deadline to register to vote in the November election is Oct. 9. Early voting will start as soon as Oct. 11.