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City Council Meeting Preview, Dec. 2

Paint-A-Thon team leaders to be recognized before City Council

Yuma, Ariz. – The Yuma City Council will consider authorizing the City Administrator to execute an intergovernmental agreement with the State of Arizona Department of Transportation for a pavement preservation project on 32nd Street (from Avenue 8 1/2 E to Avenue 3E) during the regular City Council meeting to begin at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Council Chambers of City Hall, One City Plaza.  

The pavement preservation project or "slurry seal" will extend the service life of this section of 32nd Street pavement for the next five years. The City secured funding from the Federal Highway Administration Surface Transportation Program for this project. 

This item is the only item on the Resolution Consent Agenda.  

Council will consider several items on the Motion Consent Agenda, which will be considered and enacted with one motion. They include:

  • A liquor license request.
  • A bid award to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder for the construction of an alley sanitary sewer project. 
  • Declaring six Yuma Police Department firearms as surplus, and authorizing their disposal according to City ordinance and state regulations.
  • Authorizing the City Administrator to execute a contract for lobbying and representation services.
  • Authorizing the City Administrator to negotiate and execute a contract for professional architectural services for a fleet services maintenance shop.
  • Authorizing the City Administrator to execute an agreement with a winter baseball league to use a portion of the Ray Kroc Baseball Complex from 2016 to 2020.
  • Authorizing the City Administrator to execute an agreement with Arizona Public Service Company for the purchase of 12 streetlights.
  • Approval of the final plat of the Kerley Ranch Subdivision Unit #2.

There are no items on the Adoption of Ordinances Agenda. 

There are several items on the Introduction of Ordinances Agenda. Ordinances given introduction are generally presented to the City Council for adoption at the next Regular City Council meeting.

  • An amendment to the Yuma City Code regarding traffic rules to correct a scriveners error.
  • Authorization of a real property acquisition to expand a City-owned lift station located at 24th Street and 27th Avenue.
  • Approve and authorize the City Administrator to: (1) execute an amended and restated Yuma Pivot Point Phase Two Component Development and Disposition Agreement that will include (2) an amended and restated 42-year Phase Two Land and Improvements Lease, (3) an amended and restated partial assignment of the Master Developer's interest in the described Phase Two Property, (4) a fourth amendment to the Master Development and Disposition Agreement, and (5) authorize the abatement of the government property lease excise tax (GPLET) for a period of eight years on the Phase Two Improvements, a 64-unit apartment complex and a 4,500 square foot restaurant, to be constructed by the developer, deeded to the City, and then leased back from the City to the developer.